Tuition Information and Fees  (2019-2020 School Year)

Registration Fee (Non-refundable)

Total (Per Student)                 $250

Monthly Tuition (Due August-May)
One Student         $416
Two Students       $812
Three Students    $1,208


Yearly Tuition
One Student        $4,160 
Two Students      $8,120
Three Students   $12,080

Yearly Tuition with 10% paid in full discount.*

One Student        $3,744
Two Students      $7,308

Three Students   $10,872

*A 10% discount will be applied on a full year of tuition paid. (Discount shown above.)
A 5% discount will be applied on each semester paid in full.

For multiple students from 1 family there is a discount.  2 children = $20.00 discount per month, 3 children = $40.00 discount per month, 4 children = $60.00 discount per month, etc.  These discounts are reflected in the amounts above.

If all paperwork and registration fees are completed and paid before the last day of school (June 5, 2020) a $75.00 reduction in the registration fee will be applied to the first month's tuition.

Other assistance may be available for your student.  Talk with Principal Wuttke for more information.  

Tuition is due by the 5th of each month (August - May). A $30 late penalty will be applied on the 15th. All bounced check fees will be charged to your bill. 

Hemet Adventist Christian School, in partnership with Southern Adventist University’s PFE grant program, has the opportunity to offer unique tuition assistance to our students. Through this service-oriented scholarship program, our participating students are paired with elderly adults in our community in a mutually-beneficial way.


Students in the PFE program, along with their parents, bring joy to the lives of senior citizens through fun activities such as visiting, reading, and playing games. When appropriate, they may also provide light housework. As the young people build generational bridges and learn the value of service, they also benefit from the wisdom and mentorship of the older adults. In the process, their time together helps finance the student’s Christian education.


If you would like more information, please contact:  Principal Melody Wuttke

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